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Who is Good hands mobile car detailing

Car wash & detailling service

Good Hands Mobile Car Detailing service Cleans and restores your Cars/Vans/Trucks exterior and interior.  The purpose of detailing is to restore the gloss and sheen of your vehicle’s paint surface and get rid of the dings,  swirls, and scratches that result from regular environmental wear and tear.  We are located at Montgomery county PA,  Philadelphia county PA,  Delaware county PA.  Our services include auto maintenance,  Exterior detailing,  Interior detailing,  Polishing Car, Restoring Paint,  Wheel And Tire Detailing,  RV detailing and Restoring Headlights.

The Best Car Wash
  • We provide several services at affordable prices.
  • exceptional client service
  • Biodegradable and ecofriendly
  • Pay for your wash safely and electronically
  • Skilled and competent vehicle wash workers
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  • We are a very approachable and transparent company.
  • Get an appointment online in 3-5 mins.
  •  online payment is available for appointment

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We are committed to offering excellent customer service,  a great value,  and flexible hours at a number of locations.

Organic products

All of our interior items are organic and environmentally friendly.  With absolutely no waste,  we utilise less than one gallon of water.

Experienced Team

All of our crew members have the necessary training,  abilities,  supplies,  and equipment to offer the greatest outcomes.

Great Value

To satisfy your demands,  we provide a variety of services at a fantastic price.  We save you time and money while providing a top service.


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West Chester, PA

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Wayne, PA

Langhorne, PA

Montgomery county, PA

Bucks County, PA,

Delaware County, PA

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Is detailing worth the money?
Why Should I Get My Car Detailed? Keeping a car clean and shiny is likely to increase its resale value (though mileage, mechanical condition, accident history and other factors can drag the value down). Car detailing can also provide a psychological benefit that boosts the owner’s pride of ownership.
What does car detailing include?
Good Hands Car detailing provide an interior shampoo, an exterior wash and polish (which generally includes cleaning your vehicle’s windows and mirrors), a tire dressing (a product applied to tires that makes them look shiny and new), and sometimes an engine shampoo. Our Book Now page lists all different options for you to choose from. If you are not sure, which service to choose, just choose any service and let our expert come to your place and recommend the best for your buck after they analyze your car and treatment it may needed.
Does car detailing remove scratches?
Good Hands Car detailing can hide minor scratches through polishing, waxing, and sealing, but it cannot help with deep scratches. For repairing such a car scratch, our expert can recommend you the next options.
Do you tip car detailers?
The standard tip for a car detailing service is 15%. If you’re not sure how much to give, best practice is 10-15% of the total cost. For example if an auto detail costs $500 then leave $50 or more as thanks (and because it’s still technically called “tipping”).